Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photo of Luangta paying respect to Luang Phor Mun's statue

Below is a photo that I have taken from a free distribution book- the book is written in Thai language and distributed during Luangta's birthday last year:

Luangta has such deep respect for his teacher, Luang Phor Mun that it shows up in his writings. In many of his books and talks, Luangta often praised Luang Phor Mun and from Luangta, we get insight into Luang Phor Mun's life. When I first saw the picture, it really touched my heart- Luangta had mentioned in one of his books that he would gladly trade his life in exchange for his dear teacher.

Luangta dedicated his entire life to be of example and continue the teachings of Luang Phor Mun. He has his share of challenges and encountered many obstacles along the way, and yet, he never give up. Let that serve as an inspiration for us all- most of the time, when we want to accomplish good things in life, do not give up with the road gets tough.

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