Friday, December 3, 2010

About Luang Phor Sook

Wat Pak Klong Makham ThaoWat Singh District,

Chainat Province.

Born in the reign of His majesty King Rama IV. Ordained at the age of twenty. He was revered as having great spiritual power and was the royal teacher of H.R.H Krom Luang Choomporn Khet Udomsak. He passed away from old age in B.E 2460 (1917 A.D)
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog ! Please allow a practical question: I was in a retreat in Baan Taad many years ago and never again since. I have been away from Thailand for so long. I will be back there soon and I am thinking of going to Baan Taad for a few days retreat during the first week of January. Do you think I will find the place crowded with visitors? do I need to reserve in any case or may I just show up? I did so 15ys ago and was accepted to stay in one of the houses in the forest. Would that be the same today? is it still the same peaceful and blissful place? With many thanks for your advice. Giuseppe.