Friday, May 14, 2010

How to get to Wat Pa Baan Taad

The following information is obtained from (the website is in Thai, but if you install the Google Toolbar, you can translate the site to English)

Refer earlier article How to get to Wat Baan Taad (Luangta's temple)

Note: Please verify the flight, train and bus information prior to booking.

Getting to Wat Pa Ban Tat.
1. Aircraft
- The flight between Bangkok - Udon Thani per day following the third flight.
1) at 6:50 pm
2) at 12.30 am
3) at 18:15 pm

- With flights between Udon Thani - Bangkok 3 per day flight following.
A) at 8:40 pm
2) at 14:25 pm
3) at 20:05 pm

2. Train(Note: Please check with the State Railway of Thailand prior to departure because some of the train are cargo trains and is very uncomfortable- the journey is overnight).
- Between the bus Bangkok - Udon Thani every day from Bangkok Railway Station.Time as follows.
1) at 6:00 pm train speed Bangkok - Nong Khai
2) at 8:20 pm passenger air-conditioned Bangkok - Udon Thani
3) From 18:30 hrs train speed Bangkok - Nong Khai
4) at 20:00 am conditioned passenger Bangkok - Nong Khai
5) Time 20.45 pm express train Bangkok - Nong Khai

- A bus between Udon Thani - Bangkok every day from the train station, Udon Thani
Time as follows.
1) at 7:26 pm Air passenger Khai - Bangkok
2) From 09:15 hrs train speed Khai - Bangkok
3) at 18:35 am conditioned passenger Udon Thani - Bangkok
4) From 19:04 hrs train soon Nong Khai - Bangkok
5) at 20.02 pm express train Nong Khai - Bangkok

3. Coach
- A bus from the North Eastern Tour several companies. Mo Chit bus terminal to Kamphaeng Phet Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900.

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