Thursday, February 25, 2010

Around Wat Ban Taad

The picture below is taken in 2007- during the rains retreat. The last time I was there was in 2008- it still look the same.

Luangta will have his morning meals at the sala behind. On the left is the picture of Luang Phor Mun, Luangta's teacher. On the right, is King Bhumibol, the current King of Thailand.

The picture above is taken from the more right side of the front view of Wat Baan Taad. Do you see a small entrance market with small wood fence (right side)? It is the entrance to Luangta's kuti. Luangta's kuti is still located in the middle of the forest but the kuti is not far inside. Luangta used to walk out on his own- taking morning and evening walks. But now, he needs to be taken around on a golf cart because his legs would give way when he was walking.

Below: basically I turn 180 degrees from the first picture to take this. It is little stalls set up and run by 8 preceptors- there are Luangta's pictures and CDs given away. Visitors can also choose to donate there. At the end is the gate entrance. The gate is closed at about 4 or 5pm, if I am not mistaken. You will not be able to enter through the gate if you come late but you can always sleep at the sala outside:

Bring along something that can help you to curb mosquitos like a tent or the mosquito tents like below (they are sold in some part of Thailand):

With just a cloth or mat, a person can sleep lengthwise in the tent. Since I do not know how to describe the type of tent, I enclose a picture here- this was the tent I slept in one of a cave. It's effective to ward off mosquitos but during the cold weather (around October to early February), it's cold. So using the normal camping tent that time would be more suitable:

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