Monday, September 21, 2009

Luang Phor Mun's wax statue

The Thais craft the most beautiful life size wax statue that I've seen. This is from the Thai Imaginery Museum. I will be doing a short series of postings on popular monks in the Thai history and I will begin with Luang Phor Mun.

Here's what writen on the board:

Considered the true and prime leader of all monks dedicated to Kamatthana practice (Buddhist insight meditation) in Thailand.

He was totally committed to the study of Dhamma, Buddha's teachings. He is still revered and loved by all Thais Buddhists because of his effort in mental development to attain true knowledge.

He resided at Wat Baan Nong Pue from B.E 2487 (1944 A.D) until he passed away at the age of eighty. His discples placed his remains in Wat Pah Suddhavas, Sakorn Nakhon Province.
Click on the picture above to read the version in Thai, Mandarin and Japanese language.

There is a special section dedicated to Luang Phor Mun in the museum.

If you want to read more on about Luang Phor Mun, you can visit:

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Spencer said...

i have a wax statue of LP Mun about 5 inches wide. Its wonderful