Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wat Thong Samadhi- Suphan Buri

Luang Phor Sangwan Kremmako was the abbot of this temple located in Suphan Buri. Luang Phor passed away in May 2004.

He built the dwelling place in a shape of a boat: you literally climb on the stairs of the boat to reach the hall.

Above: The ship shaped structure. Sadly, the place is quite deserted after Luang Phor had passed away- there are still monks and nuns staying there.

The boat shaped structure- the place is located at the back from the main entrance

Above: This hall is located on top of the boat shaped structured. We spoke to his driver, an elderly man who drove Luang Phor for about 20 years (if I am not mistaken). From the look in his eyes, one could see that he misses Luang Phor dearly.

Luang Phor's body is still being kept at this hall.

Note: Luang Phor's physical body is placed in the coffin at the back of the picture above. The Thai forest tradition acknowledges that a body of an arahant will not rot like the body of an ordinary person. Some teachers who have passed away are cremated and their remains turned to relics.

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