Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wat Pa Luang Phor Mun, Chiang Mai

Wat Pa Luang Phor Mun is located near Chiang Mai, Thailand. I got there by taking a bus from Chiang Mai (it is at a special stop by the river). The journey took about 90 minutes to reach a smaller town- then we took a trishaw to the temple.

It is the temple where Luang Phor Mun (Acariya Mun) is said to have achieved Arahantship:

The scenic fields on the way to the temple. Even before I arrived at the temple, I was not sure why, but tears flowed down my eyes when I thought that once, many decades ago, Luang Phor Mun actually walked on these path to go to the temple.

Potrait of Luang Phor Mun at a hall.

Bronze statue of Luang Phor Mun located in the chedi. The chedi is below:

Above: The kuti where Luang Phor Mun had stayed when he was in this Wat. The white structure, shown again below, is the path used by Luang Phor Mun in walking meditation.

Above: Walking path (congkom) used by Luang Phor Mun.

We met the abbot who is residing there. I am so sorry that I have forgotten to jot down his name. But he shared with us why he came to the temple:
Ajahn came because he heard that the temple was the place where Luang Phor Mun attained enlightenment. After staying for one vassa (rains retreat), he noted that there is no fixed resident monk there. He wanted to honor and take care of the place as he has deep devotion and respect for Luang Phor Mun. He has now taken care of the temple for the past 8 years.

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