Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Luangta is doing less walking now

Luangta used to walk back to his kuti after the morning meals. He also have been seen walking morning and evening walks by himself- and we look always look forward to catch a glimpse of him. That was the previous years when I go to Thailand to visit him.

Recently, when I was in Thailand, I noticed from the live broadcast that once Luangta finished his morning meal, he will be escorted back to his kuti via a small goft cart. I asked my teacher why Luangta is no longer walking back to the kuti by himself. She told me that he had fell down twice- he will be walking and suddenly his legs do not have energy and give way.

I am grimly reminded that year after year, Luangta, due to his advanced age, will be physically weaker. Even though during the time when he walked out for almsround, I have not started going to the monastery, at least I have been fortunate enough to see him during his evening walks. The vision of him walking slowly back to his dwelling from the morning meal will forever be in my mind. In October, I will be making the trip back to Udon to pay respect to Luangta.

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