Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cute doggie at Wat Ban Taad

I am very fond of the doggie that you see in the picture on your right. I've developed this photo and kept it with me, always looking at the photo.

During my first two stays in Wat Ban Taad, this doggie was still around. He's a old fella and also happened to be one of Luangta's favorite. Every morning after the morning dana and talk by Luangta, this doggie would walk and parade around the place where Luangta is sitting. Luangta will give him a playful pat, and sometimes, other doggies like the Dalmation and bulldog will join in too. Once, Luangta went to Bangkok and when he came back, the doggie was waiting and pounched right into the van to welcome Luangta.

Personally, I got to pat the doggie a few times - he is quite an impersonal fella and does not seemed to attach to anyone. He has lots of fur and they used to shave his body, leaving only the hair around his head. It's cute and he looks like a mini lion. Really cute and adorable. I've even a photo of him on my workdesk.

During my last trip to Wat Ban Taad last year, I did not see the cute doggie, so I inquired as to what had happened to him. I was told that he was pinned down by a lorry and died. I felt so sad that I will never see him anymore.

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