Thursday, November 8, 2007

8 Nov 07- The Birth of This Blog

Picture from left: Ajahn Mun Bhuridatta, Ajahn Maha Boowa and Ajahn Fan.
I start this blog to compile sites and resources about the Great Masters from the Thai Forest Tradition. I realised that an online journal is an excellent way to compile resources and learnings. Over the years since I had first discovered Buddhism, there are so many links and resources that were lost when my PC crashed (twice or thrice). This morning while I was sitting in meditation, a thought arose in my mind that I should start a blog like this to log down various resources. I could access to these resources from anywhere, and people who are interested to learn more about the Thai tradition can read more.

I first discovered Buddhism via a Dhamma camp that I have attended during my university days. From the library of the Buddhist society, I devoured various Buddhist books. I knew then that the Buddha's teachings were what I was searching for in my life. I also knew, instinctively and with all certainty that my learning curve will be a difficult uphill one- but an inner voice promised that if I persisted on, the road will one day be smooth.

A few years later I disovered Thai forest tradition, and was intrigued by its authencity and simplicity. Ajahn Mun's teachings talks about the language of the heart- something that I had know deep in my heart was true. When I read the writings of Ajahn Maha Boowa- the Spiritual Biography of Venerable Acariya Mun, the book transformed my life forever. I've found the answers and validation that I have searched for so many years.

Therefore hereby I present to you resources and readings that inspired me deeply.
I welcome any sharings and comments.

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Unknown said...

reading the spiritual biography of venerable mun changed my life too.

Unknown said...

How does one contact you by e-mail? This is a WONDERFUL blog that I just found today. Thank you.