Thursday, November 8, 2007

Archived Quotes

  • To practice meditation is one sort of food for the heart. Food for the body is not anything lasting. We eat in the morning and are hungry by noon. We eat at noon and are hungry again in the evening. If we're full today, tomorrow morning we'll be hungry again. We keep eating and defecating like this, and the day will never come when we've had enough. We'll have to keep looking for more and more things to eat. As for food for the heart, if we prepare it really well, even for a little space of time, we'll be full for the rest of our life. ~ Ajahn Lee (posted on 24 Nov 08)
  • For this reason, the Buddha teaches us to be true in whatever we do — true in being generous, true in being virtuous, true in developing concentration and discernment. Don't play around at these things. If you're true, then these activities are sure to bear you the fruits of your own truthfulness without a doubt ~ Ajahn Lee (Craft of the Heart) (posted on 13 Nov 08)
  • So as long as we are devoting ourselves merely to the theoretical study of the Dhamma, it can't serve us well. Only when we have trained our hearts to eliminate their 'chameleons' -their corruptions (upakkilesa) — will it benefit us in full measure. And only then will the true Dhamma be kept pure, free from distortions and deviations from its original principles. ~ Ajahn Mun (A Heart Released) (posted on 11 Nov 07)
  • When the mind is involved with the world, it's bound to meet with collisions; and once it collides, it will be shaken and roll back and forth, just as round stones in a large pile roll back and forth. So no matter how good or bad other people may be, we don't store it up in our mind to give rise to feelings of like or dislike. Dismiss it completely as being their business and none of ours. ~ Ajahn Lee Dhammadaro (posted on 9 Nov 07)
  • Dhamma has a value beyond all wealth and should not be sold like goods in the market place ~ Ajahn Maha Boowa (posted on 8 Nov 07)

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