Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Story of Mae Chee Kaew- a female nun and arahant

Forest Dhamma Books recently published a new book: Mae Chee Kaew- Her Journey to Spiritual Awakening & Englightenment. The book is available to be downloaded for free online at
The book is translated by Ajahn Silaratano, whom I've had the personal privilege to meet a few years ago at Wat Baan Taad. Ajahn Silaratano was very compassionate and taught me how to get unstuck in my meditation practice.

I am grateful for Ajahn Silaratano for his efforts in translation. Years ago, I picked up the Spiritual Biography of Ajahn Mun, a 500 paged book that Ajahn Silaratano has translated from Thai to English. Through his translation, I was able to understand the message of Luangta Maha Boowa. The book changed my life- and gave me answers that I was looking for and a clear path to follow. I visited Thailand to go to Wat Baan Taad because of the book and as I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am always grateful that I've made the journey. When I first saw Luangta, I knew the journey, the effort has all been worthwhile. As Luangta has writen, the language of the heart transcends all barriers- even though Luangta does not converse in English, his metta could be felt clearly in the heart.

Here is an except from the words of Mae Chee Kaew taken from the book:
"When I went to the monastery as a young girl, I had to be accompanied by my parents, and I wasn't allow to mingle with the monks. While listening to the monks discuss Dhamma, I sat way in the back, just within earshot. The venerable meditation master taught us how to pay homage to the Buddha and how to praise his virtues with chanting. He encouraged us to radiate loving kindness to all living beings, and to always be open-hearted and generous. He told us that no matter how generous we were as lay supporters, the virtue of that generosity could not compare with the virtue of ordaining as a white-robed nun and earnestly practicing the way to end all suffering. That message always remained close to my heart."

Mae Chee Kaew (1901- 1991) had been taught by Luang Phor Mun- and she had always been well known for her psychic abilities. Luang Phor Mun had taught her carefully to ensure that her psychic abilities from her past practice did not interfere with her practice. Luangta, when he wrote the Spiritual Biography of Acariya Mun, had personally spoken to Mae Chee Kaew.

A chedi is built to display her relics and belongings in Sakorn Nakhon, Northeast Thailand.


Ruwan, Canada said...

I just finish reading sinhala (SRi Lankan) translation of this book. Most of the questions which was yet to resolve has been resolved from the book of Mae Chee Kaew. It will change my life forever.

vasanth said...

I've just read the sighala translation of this book ( Silmatha Kaew) which is inspiring and encouraging to all of mankind.

Chathurang√° said...

I 'm reading the last few chapters of the Sinhala translation. It contains descriptions of deep and fine Dhamma points as they mingle with the human mind, actual experiences of meditation, just "Amazing" !

Shyamalie said...

I read the Sinhala translation of this book. "Apamana Pin" for Bhikku Ananda for giving opportunity for us to read such a wonderful story of out time. Mae Chee Kaew is a role model for people of present time.

Unknown said...

please let me know how can i get sinhala translation of book of Mae Chee Kaew. is it available in book shops?

Unknown said...

Can someone to tell me how to go to this place. I live in Bangkok. Appreciate if some one can tell me the exact details to go and see the relics of Mae Chee Keaw.

Chalitha said...

Any one please tell me a place to buy this book.